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I Want The Moon

Anil gets the harsh warblogger treatment and writes about in a really compelling way. It's funny because even the most skilled writers among the right wing contingent cannot seem to gracefully or reasonably present any idea and Anil's reply to their shenanigans is both tactful and insighful.

Speaking of things not necessarily related to technology, I found The Assayer after reading a little bit about it on Kenneth Hunt's site. I'm pretty excited about the potential of this project. My enthusiasm isn't so much for the having a bunch of book reviews under a free license although it's a very cool foundation. I'm excited about having a place to talk about books that isn't a classroom and with an emphasis on freely available books. The selection is very biased towards technical types right now but with any degree of luck and the careful nudging of some people more knowledgable on more conventionally esoteric topics there is great promise for expanding out onto things unrelated to computers and science. Go take a look, skim some free texts, and grab an account while you're there. There are also links from some of the reviews to Andamooka which is worth a gander if the name doesn't ring any bells.

Every addition to the free distribution model makes me insanely happy. While I'm not advocating some paving over of the world with the GPL as some are annoyingly persistent in suggesting but it's very encouraging to see people fomenting communities based on common interests that are more advanced than gaming or allegiance to a certain GNU/Linux distribution. The awareness that people have about keeping this sort of shared knowledge freely available is what really nails it for me. Yeah, I know, hippy dippy doo but I'm smiling and you're not Mr. Frowny Pants.

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