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It Ain’t Click and Drool….

but if you want a very explicit guide to installing Debian you can find it here. I haven't read it all the way through quite yet. I've got a very bored yet energetic kitten on my hands who thinks the sound of my keyboard is endlessly fascinating. This leads to 8k strings of single characters leaking into my posts. Little bastard.

This guide looks very adequate, though. I'm sure many will criticize it for being too detailed when all the poor oppressed (l)user should have to do is click twice or whatever. If you're still hip to the idea of being a participant during major happenings on your computer then this guide should at least get you up and running. Pay no attention to the sneering Mandrake users. If you want some chuckles at someone else's expense go take a look at one of the many Mandrake user forums and wonder how they got that far along without ever learning about manualing mounting partitions and whatnot. Scary.

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