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Pointless Trolls Want Answers!

Since the cranks are already rolling in about my earlier comments about Xandros albeit in their hamfisted, I-don't-know-how-to-use-any-search-function-but-Google way I guess here is where I say I was probably wrong. The positive reviews are rolling in and it looks like interoperability within heterogeneous environments (read: interacting with Windows machines and applications) is looking pretty good. When I first wrote about Xandros I was unaware (as was everyone outside of the beta testing program - which I applied for a little late - because they were under a non disclosure agreement) that they were going so far with Codeweavers stuff. Here's a review from a beta tester which might be helpful since he's used the OS for awhile and doesn't go around telling people they're wet behind the ears for criticizing a product that was released a week ago.

I'm still hoping they'll release a GPL'd version so people can give Xandros a whirl (even if it's a live cd or whatever) before they drop $99 on a 1.0 release. Good enough?

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