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Unlock The Word-Hoard

I've been trying to catch up on mail and CD orders and other stuff that's fallen by the wayside in my most recent fit of coding that will seemingly never end. The start of the Fall semester today was just the sort of pimp slap of reality that I needed to remind me that if I don't do some of these things now they may never be accomplished. It's still amazing to me how quickly things can pile up and how soon the garbage begins to smell. If I owe you something small, expect something in the immediate future. If I owe you something big or you're some kind of co-conspirator, wait patiently for me to finish having this minor nervous breakdown.

I did spend a good half hour breaking from reading epic poetry (I assure you that I'm not joking) to read the past couple weeks worth of GrokLaw. If you have interest in the legal factors surrounding the SCO/IBM case then point your browser and start digging. I have no idea why it's been so long since I checked in there.

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