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Translated And Partially Transcribed…

I've been far too busy for the last couple of days to really do much of anything in the virtual sense. I have this ragged sheet of paper with a bunch of scribbled URLs on it and some notes that don't make any sense and are not entirely legible. Here are my conclusions:

White House For Sale is a great site for researching exactly where all that campaign money is coming from and eventually who or what it will benefit. There's an interesting defense of Kerry going on there right now which is a nice contrast to the whooping and soiling of Depends going on in the right wing community now that they've figured out that politicians take money.

The site for the Dawn of the Dead remake has finally gone live and now actually has something on it other than the trailers. Believe it or not the production notes are actually worth reading and are pretty interesting. I'm still worried about it but at least it seems like the director's heart is in the right place. Annoyingly Flash based but parts of it do look pretty nice.

I've pretty much decided that I hate the English. They get the tour. Fuckers. At least it's pretty obvious that SMiLE is actually going to come out at some point if Wilson doesn't decide to fuck around with it for another couple of decades.

Stani's Python Editor looks slick as snot but I'm not ready to hose up all of my wxPython dependent stuff for it quite yet. Unfortunately the whole shebang is also developed on a Win32 platform (remind me to send this guy a Knoppix CD at some point) so there isn't much stability for my platform of choice. Guess I'll stick with what I know assuming that I get any time to code anything in the next couple of months.

It's looking like the new MyDoom variant is going to actually cause a whole lot of damage. Well, at least a bunch of stuff I'm going to have to clean up until someone sues MSFT into using a security model that's based on something other than appeasement. As tired as I am of mopping up after stuff like this I still have to tip my hat to the use of "Your illegal file sharing..." as a subject line. Sigh. If the bug terminated on its own I might feel more sympathetic...

Rats bailing off the sinking ship...

I'm glad that Grey Tuesday happened because I've wanted to hear those mixes for quite a while now. I grabbed a copy in under ten minutes and I've given it several casual listens. For the constraints that the DJ placed on himself (only using Beatles samples, etc) the project is remarkably well done. I really hope that more rappers release vocal only mixes and spur more of this sort of informal collaboration in the future. I've been fascinated with this stuff since The Evolution Control Committee released that record of Public Enemy meets the Tijuana Brass.

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