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The Luxury Of Being Taken Seriously When You’re Talking Mighty Loud And Saying Nothing

To begin with, I'm not at all a fan of ESR although I use a good chunk of the software that he's written. This rant though lauded by all of the usual suspects who love non-controversy for the sake of double digits in posted comments is ultimately pointless. When he curses the CUPS developers for "their" lousy frontend, he's barking entirely up the wrong tree.

My experience with Fedora is very limited but I've found in general that distributions that aim for the "duh" markets tend to heavily modify and package sources for their particular distro. Unfortunately, in the case of RedHat, many of these packages end up being broken because those additions publically available or not simply don't get the same pounding on that vanilla versions of the software get. The RedHat or any other distribution altered version of a piece of software usually has fuck all to do with upstream development even if the people who hack on the project include chunks of that code in their own release. The first time I ever used RedHat was also the last given the broken version of gcc that shipped with the box set.

I know that seems kind of pointless but that really is the point. I'm guessing that most of the experience that people have with CUPS isn't really with CUPS at all. If Eric clicked on his root menu to configure a printer, he was most likely using redhat-config-printer which isn't a CUPS thing at all but a lashing together of Magicfilter and the Foomatic software. It also sounds a whole lot like the KDE printer utility that I've seen other people freak out about. I've never used either of them, opting instead for the actual CUPS software that works very well and with very little fuss while simultaneously being able to use the Foomatic drivers. Try clicking here next time (Aunt Tilly, she can use a web browser and if Aunt Tilly has ever installed software before on a *nix system she probably knows that root is the default account for most system wide changes) and using the actual CUPS interface instead of pissing in the wind while pointed in the wrong direction. Yeesh. I don't expect people to know everything about setting up their own boxes but it would be nice if people who labor under the moniker of hacker actually figured out which piece of software they're so enraged about.

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