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Pot. Kettle. Kettle. Pot.

What wonderful timing! Slashdot does the exact thing it was accusing webloggers of doing and even on the same day. How opportune. I heard about the excellent Chernobyl photo essay earlier today as posted on Die Puny Humans and actually got there earlier enough to see the photos (although Warren Ellis actually included a few of them in his post) before the inevitable crushing began. You'll note that the person who pointed it out to Warren Ellis was credited at the bottom of the entry. That is a pure text credit and doesn't wink to a weblog. Next, boing boing picked it up from Die Puny Humans not only crediting Warren Ellis for the link but adding some additional recommended reading into the mix. Next stop, Slashdot with no credit given except to the submitter and a string of comments gleefully gloating that the site will be down in a matter of minutes.

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  1. Two notes:

    The guy who pointed me at the site doesn’t have a blog.

    I took my favourite photos off the site and put them on my webspace for the DPH piece, so that I wasn’t killing her bandwidth.

    — W

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