Team Murder No Brain No Headache.


Blame It On The Flu Or Something

A little bit of clarification about a post I made yesterday. I wasn't as clear as I though I was being and one of the people I was talking about in a positive sense actually commented on the post. In this post I should've mentioned that Die Puny Humans gave finder's credit to the person that pointed out the site but since that person doesn't operate a weblog, of course, couldn't provide a link. That's what I was thinking when I wrote that post but reading it again today I can see why Warren wasn't 100% happy with the way I told it. Same with the images that he posted -- when I mentioned it I was thinking that I was praising him for taking on some of the bandwidth but it really didn't sound like it. Read his comments attached to that entry for the real deal, curse the common cold for making me bleary and irresponsible, and if you're Warren Ellis, accept my apology.

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