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Rising, Phoenix-Like, From Burning Bridges

We tried out a new drummer tonight and startingly it looks like he's the new guy. It's a sharp contrast to the pre-Matt days when Jose and I tried out any number of drummers who either couldn't cut the mustard technically or were complete jerkoffs personality-wise. It's utterly bizarre to have things just sort of work out quickly and start making plans months before Matt even leaves town.

I think the plan is to play the show this Thursday and one more sort of final-show-with-current-drummer. After that it is nothing but work until Dave is up to speed with the old stuff. Then we get to work on new stuff which is looking something like four or five new songs that no one but me has heard.

Teaching old songs to a new person is a little bit weird and it's actually been a very educational process for me. We messed around with three songs tonight and I realized how sloppily I'd been playing them. When you're enveloped in the certainty of knowing exactly how the other people you're playing with are going to react to your mistakes or a song started too fast it lulls me into this lazy sloppiness. In that sense this process feels a little bit like relearning all of the songs myself. It's going to be an exasperating amount of work but well worth it. Blah. It's shit to be talking about at the moment and makes me feel like I'm preparing to concentrate the output of Team Murder on cats and what x I am quizzes but, unfortunately, Team Murder is subject to my whim. In short, fuck off.

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