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Sometimes It’s Better Not To Know

I'd heard mention of The Fedora Legacy Project over at PC Linux Online and places on similar wavelengths but didn't really think all that much about it. I finally took a look earlier tonight just to read the FAQ and poke around a little. The FAQ confirmed my first suspicion that RedHat was unhappy with Progeny's Transition Service that did basically the same thing that this project is doing only for money. Guess that would irk those folks given their recent exodus from doing support for piddly non-enterprise customers. Anyway, that's hardly even that interesting. The pissing matches will rage on, largely in my imagination, regardless.

What is interesting is that one of the supporters of Fedora Legacy is I moused over the list of project supporters and was pretty surprised to find that was involved. Well, not that surprised but I did actually start giggling when I noticed that also figures in to the Progeny Customers and Partners page. Can you guess what they're listed as a customer of? Oh hell, I'll just paste the whole paragraph in:

EV1, the largest independent ISP in the U.S., uses Progeny Transition Service to help ensure a stable and secure hosting environment for 15,000 Linux dedicated servers.

Sometimes I need to stop following links and go to bed at a reasonable hour...

Update (sorta): I just realized that for some the name doesn't have any real meaning. I'll just link up this article about their recent purchase of a SCO license and stagger off to bed dragging a half-asleep kitten behind me.

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