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One Hundred And Ten Percent Apathetic

Another midterm down today and a decent nap with the kitten but I'm still a little baffled why instructors in 1000 survey courses feel entitled to give bluebook exams. That is the one distinct downside to the required minor thing -- it's less than minor and falling rapidly into "I don't fucking care." I have another equally useless class to fulfill an arts and literature requirement since my English classes, used to fulfill the major, can't be counted towards that stuff.

This post over at Word Soup is so spot on that I nearly laughed coffee through my nose.

I played with Anygui at work today while waiting for the insulin to creep into my bloodstream so I could actually think. I wrote a simple calculator in like ten minutes even with pretty high blood sugar and very little sleep. That probably is not the sort of endorsement that the folks behind the project were looking for but was ridiculous enough to make me chuckle. For my next trick, I'll make a tic-tac-toe game...

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