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Shadows And Tall Trees…

A couple of things that are actually funny because I'm going to be at school/work for nearly twelve hours today and don't have any time to generate anything clever today. Title swiped from some old straight edge zine. Hated the actual zine (like that was a complicated process coming to hate the usual formula of 'ripped' photos of sweaty Xed up guys and nearly weblog-like self indulgence transferred to dead trees) but always loved the name. I stole it without doing any of the work to figure out where that guy stole it from.

The new BOFH may be the funniest deconstruction of the SCO situation that I've seen. Yeah, all of the clever retoolings of nursery rhymes that we've seen over at GrokLaw are more than appreciated but the terminology of shit is what the kids really need.

This Slashdot article is such a blatant attempt to drum up controversy that it's funny, at least to me. CA has admitted that they're stupid and made a mistake. All we need now is for CmdrTaco to admit that he's functionally illiterate and the whole enchilada will be complete. Fuck you, I just woke up.

Matt Haughey has opened wide the gates of hell by pairing that infamous JayZ stuff with the other last initial dork, KennyG, and giving us the evil KennyZ. I'd say thanks but I'm too busy scouring my ears. I'm kinda glad that Michael Bolton wasn't the easy pairing. His site give me a "refused the connection" error instead of loading earlier this morning so I was a little worried about the usual takedown threats but it looks like server belches instead of torchbearing lawyers cornering anyone at the old mill.

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  1. Hi –

    I was the one who did SATT Zine. Thanks for ripping off the title. Actually, I ripped it from an early U2 song of the same name. Glad you liked it.

    I guess i’m kind of psyched that you hated it enough to reference it about a decade after the last issue. Admittedly, it was fairly run of the mill and certainly it featured very pretensious writing and some of the usual sxe graphics,pics, but in my defense I think it was (again for the time – meaning early 90’s syracuse sxe/vegan world) a bit out of step compared to alot of what the scene spawned.

    Thanks though for the acknowledgement.


  2. Wow. Thanks for dropping by. I was being pretty flippant about the actual content of your zine especially given, as you mentioned, the context of the time. I think it was another case of seeing a bunch of mentions in various places (Vique Simba maybe liked it? long time ago..) and expecting more if only because the name was so damned cool. At the time I think I kind of wanted everything to be a little more like Kill the Robot or something.

    In any case, I’m glad that you didn’t take that too personally and that my admittedly sideways functioning memory spurred some weird connection across ten or more years. Thanks for making me feel really terrible for a minute and for making the comment. I miss that sort of ‘scene’-ness and feeling of connection even when you don’t particularly agree. Weirder still that it was on a post I made four years ago.

  3. It’s funny because I never saw SATT as being too far removed from stuff like Kill The Robots. Admittedly, I had alot of the “sxe as a biblical force of good vs. the evil doers” attitude that was so prevelant in syracuse, but I also had plenty of overly dramatic, poetry inspired by the rites of spring/embrace records. I did another zine afterwards called Still Believe (after the 7 seconds tune) that was my attempt to hold onto my connection to the scene at a time when I was losing interest. I kind of wish that one had gotten out there more, as It is probably a better representation of where my head was at than SATT, which was a hodge podge of youth crew sxe,emo,vegan power type stuff,etc.

    But yeah, I didn’t take what you said personally. It’s such a great thing to me that anyone remembers what I contributed. SATT is also in some “zine archive” at Depaul University. Strange. And yes, I also miss the “scene-ness”. I haven’t found anything remotely like hc in my adult life, and it bums me out to no end. I guess it’s that “adult crash” people kept banging on about.

    Vique Simba is a name that blows my mind because i haven’t thought of her in well over a decade or more. Other names that i have heard recently: Daisy Rooks, Posi-Kim, Chicks up Front Posse,etc. What a strange time post-youth crew 90’s HC was.

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