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In Case You Were In Doubt About My Sanity

I am waiting for Yoon to get home so we can sit around together and wait for Matt, our drummer, to finish his final exam (which I guess will make him a real live licensed principal) so we can pull a quick practice before the show tonight. After that we'll load in an hour before we play and wait until it's time to make loud noises.This is usually the perfect time for me to down like six beers but I'm not allowed to do that anymore and for good reason. Since we're playing first we'll then wait for two more bands to play during the course of which all of friends will leave. Then we'll wait around for some money.

We do this, at best, twice a month or, at worst, every other month. I cannot imagine how "professionals" endure this crap. I feel lucky because I can walk away from it anytime I want while Alternative Rock Sensation #90909012 spends a large portion of their lives waiting for things to happen.

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