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Another Day, Another Feverish Ordeal

I'm definitely confined to the Dumbo Hut after fretting about Things That Cannot Be Named eating up all the meager memory of my laptop and later discovering that I have over 30 separate buffers open in emacs. Things seem to have sped up considerably now that I don't have the equivalent of an encyclopedia set of crappy weblog posts gumming up the works. I guess that's karma lashing out at me for crimes I don't really remember. Go figure.

I also heard from a pretty reliable source that Bill Owens, Colorado's ventriloquist dummy-looking excuse for a governor, is about ready to take the shitslide to hell riding a pregnant intern. This may or may not be bullshit but it certainly is fun to pass along. Do I fucking look like Matt Drudge? It doesn't really matter.

From what little I've heard of it, Double Black is pretty damn good. Good enough to put some money where my big mouth is if only as a bit of money towards legal defense. Although I'm sure we're going to be flooded with trivial remixes based on vocal only tracks until we're collectively sick of them but it's good to see projects with a fair amount of thought put into them now. I hate to think of the number of mixes of this same vocal track that will flow from p2p'd copies of Garageband because the owner of aforementioned laptop discovers another "funny" combination of names. "Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and the Jay-Z record! We can call it the Black and Tan Album! I'm a genius!"

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