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Cooking Fish And Hating The End User Filibuster

I spent most of today doing water related things that I've been putting off for far too long like laundry and dish washing. Yoon financed a day off because I've been varying degrees of sick for over two weeks now and completely reluctant to take any days off because I just don't have any money. It was nice to just catch up with the boring, dumb, stupid, but necessary stuff without feeling like I was sacrificing a weekend day to do it.

I actually did some cooking tonight and confirmed my own suspicions that I'm actually beamed cooking knowledge from orbiting UFOs. I have no idea how to cook fish other than the trout-on-a-stick over a campfire method that I used in high school almost every weekend but I somehow figured out how to make a decent (albeit from a frozen half fish) salmon filet tonight. Instead of just marinating, I let the filets soak in a mixture of vegetable oil, soy sauce, brown sugar, and some lemon pepper for about twenty minutes and actually cooked the fish in the marinade. Normally I'd love to let anything marinate for a bit longer than twenty minutes but it worked out surprisingly well as the brown sugar caramelized a little and worked more like a glaze. I'll never be able to repeat that exact procedure but it worked well enough for minimal preparation. We still have a couple huge chunks of the salmon in the freezer so this may be fish laboratory week at my house.

Taking a stroll through the usual hangouts I noticed that Librenix (which is way underrated and not mentioned nearly enough) had a link to this short opinion piece about the author's preference for the Gnome DE over KDE. This isn't interesting in itself but look at the fucking comments attached to that post -- it still amazes me that people get so pent up about about thing like desktop environments. I'm a little startled and then the magic word appears in the discussion: end users. Yet again, people who don't develop and don't participate in the community except to engage the caps lock key and flame on pick up the bloody shirt and start waving it around, presuming to speak for everyman. I might not be the most friendly person to the Joe Sixpack enduser but I would never presume for a second to know what he/she wants or what aspects of an interface are going to be problematic for that sort of user. I don't know what point I'm trying to make bringing that up but it certainly is irritating.

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