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When You’re Finished Having Sex With Your Computer You Might Want To Read Something Worth The Pixels Required To Render It

I'm fiddling around with Bloglines which is one of the more effective ways to postpone your bedtime by an hour or two. It always amazes me that resources that are supposed to be efficiency boosting and time saving always end up being worse than crack. The upside is that by wading through all of the feeds that no one in their right mind could possibly care about and the crap deluge of LiveJournalistas you occasionally find something really, really cool. I've been harping a lot lately on how I think even the most technically oriented weblogs need some personality infused into them in order to be worth reading. This becomes more important as meta tools like Bloglines and the thousand other headline scrapers become more ubiquitous and easier to use. It's pretty easy for me to keep up with cockfighting CEOs and which new gadget fell off the turnip truck today but compelling reading is a lot more rare.

Technical Difficulties from on Top of the Mountain is a shining example of this. It really doesn't take much digging to realize that Derek is really funny and also intensely interested in what he is talking about. His entry about attempting to install a CD burner is hilarious:

So, certified 4X media in hand, I set about taking apart my PC. Now the HP Kayak XM600 series implements that great invention: the tool-less chassis. This means that its supposed to be taken apart with your hands. However, lacking the strength of ten men, it means that you'll need to use tools to take it apart, but because it wasn't designed for the use of tools, that you'll scratch it up doing so. Anyway, with a screwdriver and pliers, I managed to get it apart and plan my attack.

as are most of his entries that don't simply pass links on. When I'm thoroughly absorbed in a post about welding you're doing something right.

I've mentioned A Note To Myself before and he also writes really fascinating posts about things that could otherwise be pretty mundane. Bob's recent post the UCLA cadaver fiasco versus his own experience was one of those things that I felt really privileged to read. It makes me think of those revelatory late night conversations with someone who you're accustomed to thinking of in a particular context and you find out something totally amazing about that person that forever jars that confining context. I think that has a lot to do with how people forge enduring friendships.

I'm going to try to find at least one site like this a week and write a little about them. It scares me after looking at my logs for the month so far that I get as much traffic as I do for basically being opinionated and abrasive. It's kind of a shame.

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  1. Oh, come on g. Opinionated and abrasive is what we like about you. :)

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