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Novell Does The Right Thing

It made me really happy to hear that Novell opened up YAST. It always seemed strange to me that SuSE was so protective of something that would benefit immensely from other folks hacking on it. This is also pretty good timing given the number of folks that are migrating away from RedHat now that they've basically alienated everyone by killing support for retail/boxed versions of the distribution.

I worked with YAST a little bit on an older SuSE install and found it tremendously frustrating then because it demanded an absolute stranglehold on files in /etc and would overwrite manual changes. This may have changed since then (this was 7.1, I think) but it will get fixed or at least have some options added to it once more people can kick the tires and take it on a spin around the block without violating EULAs and whatnot. I'm curious if this will mean downloadable basic ISOs instead of the FTP installs of the past. There's plenty of mirror bandwidth out there so this might be a chance for SuSE to impress people who were formerly put off by the somewhat steep price tag attached to it for anything other than a live CD.

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