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I've been trying to go to more shows lately. All too often I'm pretty cranky about the whole procedure especially given the diminutive size of the Denver music scene and more specifically the microscopic post-hardcore scene. The upside of this, of course, is that you don't end up with weird genre schisms where x group of people might know or even be friends with people from group y but they probably won't be attending the same parties and their bands will never play together. San Francisco is exactly like that which makes playing music there frustrating and far too much work (and by work I mean the most loathsome type -- the schmoozing and compliment dropping sort that I am absolutely terrible at) to be fun or rewarding. The absence of that rock ickiness is one of the aspects of Denver that I've really grown to appreciate. I'm still a little disappointed that I can't get Indian pizza here but I imagine I'll recover.

We're also pretty lucky here because over the past couple of years some of the venues open to those of us who are not interested in creating promo packages or having head shots taken have either made huge improvements in equipment/space or have entirely new management. I went to one of the newer spaces, The Hi Dive, last night and had a really good time. The problem with the Denver scene being so small is that incredibly bad bands (as in totally derivative and/or rock star posturing) get booked more frequently than they should and if you're either in a band that plays out around here or you attend a lot of shows you'll get very tired of the joke that wasn't funny anymore thirty minutes ago. Call me a prude or a purist or a cranky old punk rock kid with a receding hairline and very little patience and I won't contradict you. Unfortunately part of being a punk rock dinosaur is watching generation after generation of bad bands and sub genres endless reiterate into new horrible incarnations again and again. That joke I was talking about a couple lines back, it actually stopped being funny in about 1995.

That's one of the reasons that I really like Red Cloud. If you read the promo fluff at their site you might think you're in for some post-post-post crap with a heavy infusion of irony to crappify the mixture. That isn't the case. If there's any irony in the style of Red Cloud's music I'm not cool enough to get it. They're convincing live and the 3 song CDs they were passing out last night carries the same gravity. I'm trying to resist the urge to emulate rock critics here because that really isn't the point that I was trying to make with this whole rant. I guess the point really is that sincerity in music, rock without smirk, sounds incredibly refreshing at this point and that is a bad omen in general. This isn't to say that Red Cloud is lacking anything but maybe we need a few more bands like this and a lot less puppet shows and smug motherfuckers who can't tune a guitar much less play anything interesting on it.

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  1. come on man. what are you talking about? when you try to play it off like there aren’t a bunch of ass-fucks beating each other off in denver- you must be talking about a different denver.

    this city has some good music, i’ll say that, but the scene here is so inbred that it’s funny.

  2. Dude, seriously, go somewhere like San Francisco or NYC and play in bands then come back and appreciate the *friendly* inbred wank fest that is Denver. I appreciate it because I’ve done all of the above and , at very least, people are nice here.

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