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My List Runneth Over And Onto The Floor

I'm taking a break from all the papers I should be writing to mentally drift a little. I've been trying to get caught up with everything which is intimidating because my to do list has gained significant mileage over the past couple of months despite valiant attempts to pawn some of it off on other folks and ditch the items I'm not really feeling. You get the point, no doubt. One thing that I've been meaning to do for over a month is post some lyrics over at the Midcentury site. Nothing is ever close to as painless as it sounds but lyrics to all of the recorded songs are finally up. This task also reminded me that emacs is the closest thing to an HTML editor that I can stand. I really want to like Quanta but it's a little too helpful and I haven't wanted to invest the time figuring out how to turn all of the annoying features off.

I picked up our library's copy of the Punk Planet interview book We Owe You Nothing. It's pretty weird reading because I sort of know some of the people interviewed and know a few of them a little too well. Given enough time and distance all of it starts to get surreal. Matt Wobensmith's interview really hit home for me. He talks a lot about distancing himself from punk rock mainly by shutting down his label Outpunk. It's strange because I moved away instead of quitting everything but I agree with so many of the points he makes otherwise. The continual arguments that records somehow need to be dirt cheap and all people who make things must live hand to mouth could not fall onto more jaundiced ears.

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