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The title of this post should really be: TypeKey: It Really Doesn't Fucking Matter but I'm not following that up with anything at all. This is mostly because it is so utterly insignificant that I really am having a hard time reading through some of the criticisms of it even the reasoned and thoughtful criticisms. So, I lied:

Why Not To Give Two Shits About TypeKey (In A Nutshell)

I hate, hate, hate off site stuff bloating up the sites that I like to read. Waiting for some remote blogrolling server (I'm not going to blast the big one here because I've found them all to be pretty unreliable) to cough up a list of links that the site's author isn't willing to invest the energy in maintaining her/his self before I can see any of the site content provokes nothing short of insanity from me. There is basically one site that I'll wait for in cases like this otherwise I'll be absent for a week or more in all likelihood. That's sort of the gist of how I feel about the whole thing. I visit sites mainly to read what people have to say and it's not terribly often that I bother commenting unless the post in question is obviously and demonstrably making some grave error in fact or I'm really in the mood to kill a few minutes filling in the required fields to leave a comment. I'm far more likely to fire off a quick piece of mail if I find something irksome or startlingly original in what I'm reading. I'm probably not very representative of the average reader in that sense but I think the feeling of frustration when half the page loads leading the reader in question to wander off somewhere else in search of quick titillation is a pretty common one.

If TypeKey sucks as much as some are predicting it will or if it ultimately requires ankle grabbing just to conversationally shoot your mouth off on someone else's dime it will disappear. It's simple. Inconveniencing people who have the attention span of a sugar addled nine year old is not good planning if you're trying to create some kind of two way flow of communication. In some ways I think that the demise of comments might be a good thing. How many times have I read a really insightful comment posted by a person who normally posts nothing but cheese sandwich fluff to their own organ of expression? Too many and I'd love to encourage people to sit on that comment for fifteen seconds, open up a text editor, and ping the entry in question when you're posting it to your own weblog. I'd be a much happier reader of weblogs if their authors posted more reflective/critical entries and less 'this is cool and here is a link to that cool thing' filler. I've said in the past that I'd just disable everything that can be pinged or commented on if janitorial duties became too time consuming or otherwise annoying. I will and it won't make a bit of difference to anyone. Social networks or no annoyingly bubble-esque buzzwords social networks, sometimes you really do need to pick your friends and if you're really dependent on things like TypeKey or Orkut or any of the other coffee table networks to do that I'd say that I'm sorry I'll never get to know you but I wouldn't mean a word of it.

I'm really hoping this all makes some kind of sense because I'm really, really tired.

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