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After sifting through the results of a Google search today that unfortunately involved the term 'weblog' I was completely startled by how many clients there are. I'm not talking about the even more numerous aggregators and flashy-blinkies -- I'm just talking about tools that lurk on your local machine (mostly) and take care of many of the formatting and posting duties that many find so onerous. There really are a lot of them.

Thinking about it sparked my curiosity about a few of them that I'd tried out and didn't stick with after the novelty wore off or because some essential piece didn't work. I thought this was the case with BloGTK but I was being completely stupid and pointing it not at the XML-RPC script but at the main script. Somehow this did not penetrate my thick skull until this afternoon. In my defense a tooltip when you mouse over the URL field is the only clue that you get which is exactly what finally tipped me off. I earned myself a hefty stack of duh points in the process but I'm glad I finally got around to playing with some of these tools.

Since I mistakenly thought (and probably posted about) that BloGTK was broken I should probably mess with it first. The interface looks like this:

and it basically does what it is supposed to with the added bonus of spell checking. It's a pretty lightweight piece of software but still allows you to preview your entry. It'll also do alignments and anchors for you as well as bold, italic, and whatnot tags.

I also looked at Chronicle Lite tonight and, despite its foundation in Java, it does what it is supposed to -- simple enough for the endiest of end users and still gives the power user who needs customization some breathing space. It looks like this:

which isn't the prettiest thing in the world but I guess those are the sacrifices you make for platform agnostic portability. Yup. Windows/Linux/*nix/Macintosh all for the price of an enormous and resource hungry virtual machine. It does have a whole lotta controls though if you're willing to dig into them including stuff to do tables and edit your templates from within the application. Again, possible incompetence alert here but I couldn't get some of the features to work like the table editor. There is in all likelihood something very obvious that I'm missing here so please take my notes as notes and not as some kind of critical review. Chronicle Lite also has a plugin structure so more functionality is going to be built in. If you're reminded a little bit of Eclipse then you're not alone. I started making mental comparisons of the structure of the two from the moment I first launched it.

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