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Your Irony Quota Has Been Met. Please Log Off And Try Something Else.

The thing is about being all too aware of this stupid and mostly annoying day is that sometimes Google really does decide to announce something useful and necessary (as opposed to a lunar annex) on the worst possible day to announce anything on the web that isn't cheese sandwich related. Idiots like me initially misread Gmail as some Gtk+ based competitor to Kmail and wondered what the hell Google had to do with any of the bad naming convention circus. Which, really, is the more lame of the mistakes?

After too many years of Slashdot running furiously in a creaky, dusty April Fools habitrail that ultimately fails to amuse anyone or go anywhere new, the only humor left in the day (at least on the IntarWeb) is reality and the suspicious reactions to it. I'm glad that Doc is more amused than embarrassed.

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