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Staggering Bedwards

I've been absent from here for good reason for a change and actually trying to keep on top of school work which has been especially abusive for the past month or so. I've pretty much had either a major paper or project due twice a week for nearly a month. Doesn't allow for much more than school, work, and band stuff. There isn't nearly enough sleep in that equation but I guess some things will always remain constant.

We played our last show with Matt on Saturday. It's always a little strange to part ways with band members on good terms. I'm pretty accustomed to horrible screaming matches and subsequent bad feelings. It's almost anti-climactic to just stop playing music with someone. Bands and relationships share so many parallels. The show was a lot of fun and White Dynamite was totally amazing. Still it was a little sad to end a two plus year understanding. I guess now it's time to get to work.

Just noticed that OS News got a facelift. It's nearly impossible for me to even guess how old that news is since I read the site with an aggregator but it does look a lot nicer even if the interface is potentially more cumbersome. Can't say much for the troll population because it looks as high as ever. Whatev.

Looks like DistroWatch is the newest to be booted from AdSense for reasons I can't even begin to understand. The whole story is in the DistroWatch Weekly News. Again, another reminder that Google is just a fucking business and not our savior or the gestalt repository of human memory. Even if you don't necessarily commit evil it still doesn't pay to annoy the fuck out of people. Of course, even if you're annoying as shit there is a chance to redeem yourself even though you've been hated and despised by users for years. Blatant PR work but beats nothing, I guess.

An interesting take on remote desktop access which comes in handy when you're stuck on a Windows box and need to get real work done. I've long since convinced my workplace that just letting me have a Linux box at work is a whole lot easier than listening to me bitch and whine all the time but I remember those grim days.

Ok. Nap time for the tired guy.

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