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No Money. No Time. No. No. No.

So, dropping out of school for the sake of work and sanity might just be the best decision that I've made lately. Despite the fact that I've got a good solid decade on most of my fellow college students, I'm really stuck on the admittedly naive but trenchant maxim that doing one or two things to the best of my often meager abilities is a lot better for me and the people who have to put up with me than doing more things than I can keep track of with an aptitude perpetually dry humping the cold and bony leg of absolute zero. Of course, it's even more insulting (to which party it's up to you to decide) to continually try to limit that exertion to what you think the product of the 20 year old black clothing and pointy object aficionado sitting across from you in order to avoiding wasting that smidge of free radical mediocrity that you might insipidly apply to some other class. At this point I'm broke and exhausted enough to really want to leave a smoldering ruin behind me.

Luckily, my familiarity with a slightly different bucket of shit will probably be my saving grace. I've been haunted by the lifestyle equation lately: No money and lots of time. No time but some money. Either of these conditions are tolerable but the combination of both wears you down after a couple of years. The bucket of shit will always wait patiently for you.

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