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Pass Out. Pass It On.

In the browsing before I pass out portion of the evening I read Matt Haughey's post on Beatallica (which I guess is old news in other quadrants of the IntarWeb) and had to check it out. It's pretty fucking brilliant for a quickly recorded jokey thing. The intro to "Blackened In the USSR" alone had me completely convulsed with laughter for the duration.

There is something very cool about this sort of stuff that distinguishes it from the Jay-Z remix phenomenon and that is the genuine fandom exhibited in this project. If you're not at least partially familiar with either the Beatles or older Metallica you aren't going to think these songs are nearly as funny. The stitching together of music is probably the best part. The fusion of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and the Beatles' "Taxman" really has to be heard rather than described.

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