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Time For A Little Something

Wow. I'd nearly forgotten that the site will eat itself if I post nothing for weeks at a time. I'm still trying to push through the last major papers of the semester in hopes that staying focused will kill my instinct to cut and run while I still have some energy left. I'm still tentatively job searching which mainly means trawling the usual tech job banks that are looking a good deal less promising than five or so years ago. It does score a lot of spam though so I guess I can't say that nothing has come from my admittedly anemic efforts thus far. I'm trying to ignore the automated responses that I've got so far because a dollar more an hour than I'm making now is sounding pretty good. More Melville is not sounding so good right now.

I added some bonus crap to the right hand side. I've been using Bloglines for a little while not mainly because it saves the trouble of continually moving subscription lists between installations of Straw and occasionally being stuck on Windows or OS X boxes with nothing so luxurious installed. So, I finally added a subscription button to the link bar for my own convenience as much as anything. The RocketInfo button was a little more random. I don't actually use RocketInfo and only found out about it after reading an article at Orange Crate. The review was generally pretty positive so I'll have to take it for a test drive when I have a little more free time to waste on things that are supposed to save time. The interface looks very similar to Bloglines so I don't imagine there's any really learning curve or adjustment necessary to switch between one and the other. It has the same search functionality built in that Bloglines has (something I frequently abuse) so there aren't any functional elements missing at least as far as I can see. Take that with the necessary grains of salt because all I've done is look at the pretty pictures.

jwz has been referencing a recently linked images from LiveJournal feed to fuel the monstrosity that is Web Collage. It's a pretty interesting bunch of images although the recurring face-directly-in-webcam buddy shots, fresh litters of kittens, and, god help us, TubGirl (don't click there, please) shots get tiresome after a couple of iterations. A couple other people made use in their own ways: one guy has a Flash version that renders very oddly for me and there's also a last 30 images page that you'll have to manually refresh. I get the same effect on the LAN at work sometimes while running Driftnet. I can never run it for too long without porn ending up in the mix though. I didn't realize until I checked the Driftnet page for the first time in centuries that you could tie it with Web Collage in a screensaver of sorts. Again, porn would make that prohibitive for me at least at work.

I don't know that I'd exactly have a use for GruntSpud but the name certainly cracked me up.

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