Team Murder No Brain No Headache.


Unfortunately No One Was Injured

I had my first run in with Netsky at work today. I messed around with it for awhile before I realized that there's a removal tool readily available. I think the machine we found it on had been through a couple of different iterations and there were something like 2600 infected files. I basically wasted a day cleaning it from a single machine. I did notice that it wormed its way into the WINNT/assembly folder which kind of impressed me since that isn't exactly a directory full of directories.

I've read a lot of hype and babbling about A9 today. I'm not sure why anyone really cares. It's another meta search site and not particularly handy at that. Clickety click.

I also found out today that my boss and I are applying for some of the same jobs. Guess I'll change the references on my resume, eh? Lame. There just aren't that many desktop support jobs in the downtown area. I hate hate hate it when things begin to look ugly. That and the barbaric practice of writing cover letters which are a contender for the worst waste of paper and human imagination that I can think of.

Dear Soulless HR Fuckwit
I would like work here. I have some skills. Here is a ridiculous exaggeration of those skills and some other stuff I decided to make up to impress you.

Hang in there,


Hint: Don't use the above as a template.

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