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Platypus + Templates + IntarWeb = Hysteria Or At Least Mildly Annoying Confusion

My bank's web site was down for most of the day and I only had access via the phone. I guess I could've stopped by an actual branch of the bank but then again if I wanted to start a fire I could theoretically do that with a bow and drill combination. Anyway I found a charge for $9.95 on my credit card that I couldn't remember making and thought I was the newest member of this fucking scam after reading about it on Mark Pilgrim's site. It turns out that I have a terrible memory and bought a pound of coffee yesterday. The combination of the numerous reports of people being scammed out the exact same dollar amount and the bank web site being dead (even to pings) all day long. Of course, I could've just called the robo-operator system and eventually had a conversation with a real live human but I'm a geek so I ping.

Oh, and if you're a PHB submitting a job listing to a headhunter-ish site don't list decade long experience requirements for technologies that have only existed for five years. 10-12 years of XML experience. Sigh. Maybe they were thinking of SGML...

Yeah, so... go check out The World's Tallest Virtual Building and maybe go kill some Peeps. I'm going to bed and admitting defeat.

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