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Another Batch Of Chitmarks

I'm watching the site break again due to my inactivity and incessant refreshing of job search sites and I noticed that very soon Team Murder will hit the two year mark. How fitting that it passes during one of my worst slumps for inspiration over the past few years. Typical.

I'm also getting hundreds of bounced mails from some spammer fuck that decided to spoof mails from this domain. It's annoying because, as I mentioned, I'm looking for a job so I can't be as cavalier about filtering mail. There is nothing more annoying than running searches through a 'Deleted' mail folder that has thousands of pieces of unread mail. Petty revenge is, of course, forthcoming as a quick nmap scan of the machine responsible for all of this mess has many, many ports flapping in the breeze. The whole thing just seems like a honeypot. Now that would be an interesting premise for a research project: antagonize people with little patience using a honeypot server as the source IP address then wait for the bombs to start falling. Grrr.

I found this quick and dirty intro to CVS that is probably old news to most people but I hadn't seen it before and I think it's well done. CVS isn't exactly intuitive until you're accustomed to its quirks.

I've also seen a fair amount of people bad mouth this proposed piece of legislation but I think its a fabulous idea. The gist of it is that companies who crap flood your physical mailbox with CDs would be required to include postage paid return envelope with all of those mailings. This is the only way I can think of to force AOL not to send me fifteen CDs a month. Not only do I not want them but even if I did want to magically transport myself back to the internet of 1991 I could not run the software on my operating system. There is absolutely no good reason for me to receive my weekly CD that will be promptly pitched in the trash. If AOL was forced to have some kind of responsibility for pumping a gazillion CDs directly into landfills they might be a little more selective about who they send CDs to. The problem now is that it is impossible to have yourself removed from the mailing lists. I've actually tried in the past only to have a supervisor basically sneer at me. If it sinks the ship it sinks the ship. Good riddance.

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