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Five Steps To Self Improvement

It must be a slow news week because every news site out there is picking up the most recent Langa letter article and waving it around like it means something. Mixers are muted by default. Repeat this mantra until it sinks into your tiny but surprisingly dense skulls.If you've ever installed a distribution that doesn't stick to this sensible default behavior the KDE start up sound that will reverberate in your ears for the better part of a week will make you understand the plan. If no sound comes out when you turn on the television do you send the fucker out for repair? No, you try turning up the volume.

Step 1. fire up an xterm.
Step 2. type 'aumix'
Step 3. uncheck 'mute' box and turn up appropriate channels.
Step 4. admit defeat. secretly deposit fat check into shill account.
Step 5. drink rat poison.

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