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Eat Guerilla Networks Marketing Scum

I heard a little bit about Operation Fastlink (nice name btw that makes me wonder if the FBI has been tapping the mulch pile in waiting of early 90's cyberFutureE books or something) on NPR today while Yoon and I were on our way to looking at houses. I guess today must have been the big announcement because I'd heard nothing about before today. Granted cracking down on warez groups is a little early 1990's in itself given that peer to peer stuff dominates everything other than the top ten list part of file sharing but the timing is somewhat ironic for me.

I just snagged a copy of the Dawn of the Dead remake a couple days ago via BitTorrent. This is the first time that I've bothered hoisting the Jolly Roger in a very long time. In fact if the DVD release wasn't delayed to capitalize on the theater returns I would just go out and buy the 'official' DVD. I've already seen the movie on the big screen so I don't savor the idea of throwing down another close to ten bucks for a second viewing. Shit. I know I'll buy the official when it comes out but I've got a shitty copy to enjoy until then. Lesson: If you depend on consumers to buy things that you produce you might try actually providing a supply for the demand instead of trying to control it. I guess somebody has to feed the lawyers...

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