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Defining Friends As ‘Un-Stupid’

As much a confession of utter geekiness as this may be, I really enjoyed reading the account of Dan Bricklin painstakingly thinking about what license to use based on the idea that it would be developed for a small software company. It's nice to see people considering where-is-food-and-rent-coming-from questions against some of the benefits of Open Source (I capitalized that because I mean it in the sense that the OSI defines it) instead of simply embarking on some proprietary lock in strategy that begins the shit slide straight to obscurity with nothing but a couple cases of promotional t-shirts and CDs/coasters to show for your efforts. I encourage you to go take a look at it. I don't agree with parts and I'm not ever sure I like the idea of more license fragmentation but you have to admire the amount of careful thought put into the process.

The side I'm on (I would but 'irony' tags here if I didn't respect you so much) is rapidly becoming less about throwing the words 'open' or 'free' around and more about doing things that are contrary to dirt stupid. Go team.

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