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Drobbins Has Left The Building

It's a little hard to believe but Daniel Robbins has resigned from Gentoo. Normally a developer leaving a free software project isn't huge news but in many ways Daniel is the soul of Gentoo. His reasons aer understandable and maybe even inevitable but the news is sad nonetheless. His announcement and the reasoning behind it have all been linked to death in other places with the usual amount of clueless and sometimes mean speculation. Gentoo is transitioning towards a real non-profit with an appointed board initially which drobbins will not be a part of at least for the time being.

I've only interacted with Daniel on the IRC channel for Gentoo briefly but the man exhibits incredible patience given that it was two in the morning and my questions ended up being kind of brain dead. I've been following some of the Gentoo forums to try to gauge the reactions of people who actually use Gentoo and everyone else seems equally upset and sad about his departure. I personally hope that this is a temporary measure (at least his continuing debt for the sake of establishing the NFP) and enough people will throw down some couch change to help eliminate his debt so he can come back in an advisory capacity at very least.

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