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Some Companies Will Buy Anything

I'm not quite sure what to make of the TurboLinux announcement about Windows Media licensing or whether any of it concerns anyone. I play WM stuff with Codeweavers Plugin software which is also commercial but feeds improvements back into WINE. The announcement from TL came as a surprise more because I'd long since assumed they'd disappeared into obscurity or bankruptcy. The more interesting thing to note is this:

Home users can now watch feature DVD movies and Windows Media streaming video on "Turbolinux 10 F". CyberLink's PowerDVD for Linux is included in the new "Turbolinux 10 F" and supports Content Scramble System (CSS), an encryption system widely required by studios to protect popular Hollywood and theater movies. Turbolinux engineers developed new software called Turbo Media Player that works with xine, a widely-used Linux media engine, to make it possible for customers to watch streaming video in Windows Media format. Turbolinux is the first Linux company to form a relationship with CyberLink to allow viewing of encrypted movies in different international DVD regions established by the major studios.

Some of it is news and other parts are crass marketing to the clueless. Let's just say that there's nothing bundled into that distro that I can't already do but I imagine that it will be more convenient. I wonder why they bother licensing the MS stuff if Xine is the application that utilizes it?

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