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When You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About Common Courtesy Demands That You Shut Up

I tend to harp on things that are poorly designed and most of the people that I hang out with or work with know this. I'm not an asshat as far as I know but I tend to get agitated by things that don't work well or are potentially dangerous when used what seems to be correctly. I think one of the most harmful things possible is to pretend to understand things. I am a geek and therefore have absolutely no problems reading the fucking manual whenever necessary.

This expose of bad design speaks volumes about the writers lack of knowledge of either the object he is talking about or the knowledge/needs of its users. I happen to be a Type 1 diabetic so I'm all too familiar with both the N and R type insulin in the photos. I'll agree that the bottles do look alike but what's inside them is completely different. N type insulin is actually a suspension of a different type of insulin in a base of R that is usually labeled NPH instead of just N. If you're at all paying attention and RTFM (ie. inspecting the vial before you inject any of its contents into your body) this should not be difficult to distinguish at all. One is cloudly and one is transparent. Geez. Anyone who has has any kind of medical attention post diagnosis is well aware of all of this but can obviously be helped by some guy who noticed how dangerous the packaging is. Way to go buddy.

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