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Beneath The Wheel

Another lapse due to the usual busy work and some unanticipated disasters with school funding that might just drive me out of college a year short of a degree. This also means that I need to really scour the job listings because my job will go the way of my college enrollment. Anyone need technical support in Denver? Anyone? Finals are next week and it's becoming more difficult daily to really care much about the results. I wasn't happy when I could afford to attend school and I'm lapsing into a near coma of apathy now.

In between all of the other stuff I've been messing with Tkinter in my copious free moments. I've always shied away from dealing with GUI elements and usually for the very good reason that I'm just not terribly good at setting up GUIs in a way perceptible as sane by anyone but myself. It is interesting, though, because Python is so fucking adaptable and having a very basic toolkit makes me want to push my knowledge of it however limited it is. Keeping track of focus is a little like playing that Whack A Mole game. Hocus friggin' pocus.

If you're using Mozilla Firefox get on installing Tabbrowser Extensions post haste. It remedies most of the things that I miss about Galeon in regards to tabbed browsing and also adds a bewildering arrays of options to the tab context menus. That might sound like a bad thing but, trust me, it isn't. You can also get those wonderful "close tab" buttons on each and every tab. There's a ton of functionality embedded in the extension. Go grab it. For me, it's configurable enough to get everything working exactly the way I want it -- like tabs loading in the background or fore.

He3 sounds interesting but with nothing released yet even in beta it's hard to say anything beyond "Gee, I hope they actually release some files." It isn't an item of personal interest to me but I know some people who'd be pretty excited about it.

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