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Flying, Stinging Things Are Not A Problem

Looks like I'm going to be finished with University Inc. sooner than I'd plannedwith the possible train wreck of zero planning happening in the next couple of weeks if I can't bullshit for a while. I almost feel relieved in the way that only a new prisoner must feel after finally being punked out by the cellblock. It isn't good but it does have the silver lining of probably not getting any worse. The balm for uncertainty? Dump some links:

The truly frightening part is that this fake news item is uncomfortably close to the truth. Many yearn for the claustrophobic wreckage of Windows 98 after watching XP grind through the most simple operations at the speed of molasses on hardware that was super model sexy this time last year.

I'm fairly sure that this has been on Slashdot given their affinity for mildly amusing shiny things but the Phone Dial Web Browser demands several seconds of your attention deficit disorder afflicted day.

Until today I did not know that Fluxmod existed and what a happy day today has been since I found that site. I'm styling the Leviathan theme right now and my eyes feel like they've had a full night's sleep already.

If you're database ignint then Learning SQL with phpMyAdmin might be the swift yet painless kick to the hindquarters that you need. It's very well done although I'd still recommend pairing it with the documentation available from the source for the extra questions that invariably come up. They do, they always do. There's also the Gentle Introduction to SQL if incredibly terse and jerky programming languages (misnomer I know now fuck off) aren't your thing.

EasyGUI is, uh, an amazingly easy way to deal with GUI programming when you really don't want to deal with GUI programming. It is not event driven so it works very well for quick things that need a clicky face but not an entire object oriented LSD-ridden nightmare bullet train ride to Las Class.Object Vegas. It's good stuff. I've already written a couple entirely useless applications with very few explosions in my face.

Media Matters is another site that I'm going to have to remember to check more often. It's a punishing amount of reading if you don't stop by often and most of their content is difficult not to read given that its subjects are often one hundred percent noxious.

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