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As If You Needed Another Reason…

At work we use SpyBot in the image for client machines. We don't set it up by default but it's conveniently available if someone gets hit with a whole bunch of bad stuff. It's pretty much a given that people who use IE regularly are going to have at least a little spyware running on their machines but usually it doesn't take a large enough chunk of CPU time to really slow machines down. Lately it seems like that number of incapacitated machines has increased two fold and I've had to lean a little harder on Spybot. This sucks because the update servers are timing out before you can get the new definition files. I wondered why and thought that the DDoS attack they mentioned on the site might have something to do with it but it seems like that problem is largely resolved. It wasn't until a coworker was searching for an answer to an entirely different problem that he discovered this Microsoft page that links directly to the Spybot site as well as Ad Aware. Gee I wonder if the clueless Doozers in Redmond ever thought of helping out with a mirror for updates so the folks doing it now out of the kindness of their hearts don't get hammered out of existence by people trying to clear the gunk of their crappy and insecure software. I guess that wouldn't please the shareholders, eh?

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