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The Parade Of Incompetence

I give the official nod of approval to Anil Dash for the heads up on one of the worst cases of auto-pilot journalism (even if it classified as opinion) condemning the pointlessness of weblogs. Seriously, when someone is presumably paid to write this insipidly about a topic all but worn out by real journalists there really isn't much point left in his point. At least when webloggers throw ideas around in a seemingly random way to see what sticks they don't waste paper to ruminate.

In less interesting and relevant stuff, I straightened out my financial aid stuff on Friday and I'm a full time student again. It was actually some kind of clerical error and all I had to do was put a bug in the ear of some public relations drone in the office of the president while I was fixing her computer. It's odd, though, because while I thought that I was going to drop out of school there was some amount of relief that came with it. I guess the idea of just working full time seemed pretty relaxing. This, of course, assumes that there are actually jobs out there. I've come to believe over the past couple of months that full time jobs are on their way to extinction.

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