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Lin-itigation Part Million

I saw mention of new legal action by Microsoft against Linspire (formerly Lindows for those with no short term memory) despite their name change. No matter how idiotic the new name might be I think the issue of brand dilution is more than a little moot at this point. The source article for the NewsVac link was this post over at Linux Electrons which has a couple comments attached to it decrying the lack of a documented source. Luckily the press release from Linspire is virtually identical so confusion should be minimal. This is, no doubt, exactly the sort of action from Microsoft (read: convicted monopolist hell bent on eliminating any competition regardless of whether there is any actual market overlap) that Michael Roberts was hoping for. All the players are doing a fine job of fulfilling their roles. I'll be looking for further elaboration tomorrow. You know, after some of that sleep stuff.

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