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The Sweetly Ineffectual Ass Of Opinion Making

So, I read about the newest Alexis de Tocqueville Institution atrocity through an aggregator after it was posted on Slashdot but since it is the middle of finals week I don't feel quite as lazy as I normally would for such slouchy attention to the news. In any case, the Institute is laying it on thickly as is usually the case. The basic gist is that outsourcing is not bad but Linux will eventually destroy the industry. If IP wrangling is the only thing keeping IT afloat then it probably should be destroyed. It's a myopic approach at best with intellectual property being the focus of the few potshots at outsourcing the author takes. He completely fails to consider the impact that the outsourcing band aid has on the workforce of the U.S. When you cannot get a job in a given field you will eventually abandon that field and move on to something that does indeed pay the bills. Duh. Another U-Haul full of unmarked bills leaves Redmond and most people do the right thing with this article and flush.

The official explanation for the great 'Jew' search result controversy is far more coherent reading. I also think it's funny that the old Googleblog is higher in search results than the the official one.

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