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As An Early “Investor” I’m A Little Bugged

As has already been mentioned about a million times, Movable Type is moving to a pricing model that bugs a lot of people who use it. I'm one of them and I think this would be a good time to really think about why I gave MT more money out of good will then I would pay for a license and why I won't be giving any money to Six Apart in the future. I gave my money to MT because I really liked the model they used and the fact that it seemed to be working well for them. Unfortunately, it seems like they're getting a little confused after investing so much though into TypePad and the tiered service plan that usually accompanies hosting. Their current pricing arrangement which I'm pretty certain will change after the huge amount of furor expressed about how ridiculous it is is really pretty broken. While the new "free" version would work fine for this space it wouldn't work for my band's site where it really isn't my place to be the sole (loud)mouthpiece for four people. I'm also not willing to spend a sizeable chunk of change again to get the same functionality with regret that I willingly paid for in the past.

That said, I think it's important to make it clear that I don't have any issue with the idea of people selling software or support for software but I really feel like this is the first step in a very wrong direction. By this I mean the per seat licensing model that this is a primitive version of. I really hope that the bad drugs and growing pains wear off before a damaging rift opens between Six Apart and the weblogging community because, in many ways, Movable Type was the stellar set of scripts, or, ahem, platform as they're pitching it now, for weblogging that got people thinking about what they really wanted in a weblogging application. I don't think anyone wanted lock in, however, so this might be an early indication of more bad business decisions to come. I've lost too much faith in the direction that MT has moved in over the past couple of years to weather this one out. I'll be switching to another CMS in the near future. I'm thinking Word Press unless something else catches my eye in particular. Ironically this will probably coincide with the two year mark for Team Murder which happens sometime late this month.

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