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Not Quite Finished But Fatigue Is Definitely A Factor In How Lame I’m Willing To Be

It isn't pretty yet or exactly the way I want it but I've switched over to WordPress so I could stop thinking about it. I will fix paths and other broken things later. Right now I've got to, got to, got to get some sleep. I'm going to leave the MT stuff in place for the time being so at least links in from other places will work until I figure out how to fix it with redirects. WordPress is slick as hell I really have to say. Create a database and run some scripts after editing their configuration file. I imported over a thousand entries from the Movable Type installation and nothing that I've seen so far has broken. I'm smitten already.

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  1. Welcome to the brotherhood. -g-

    Too melodramatic? ‘k.

  2. I switched from Movable Type to WordPress yesterday, and am really enjoying it. It is much easier to install than MT, and I don’t miss the long rebuilds either.

  3. I think I’ve actually got most of the kinks worked out. It seems like WordPress is a little more geek friendly than most of the weblogging software that I’ve seen. It’s pretty configurable even through the GUI admin interface but everything is organized really well so it’s easy to just SSH in to the server and edit the text files directly. I was a little leery of that at first given how easy it can be to break PHP by mucking around with it. Day one and I’m happy so far.