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The Last One (For Today, That Is)

It's pretty astounding how many people came to the same conclusion that I did after the Movable Type pricing announcement and just moved off the software entirely. Mark Pilgrim made the move which is pretty amazing because his site is complex and it could not have been easy to make the switch. His post relates all of the particulars that motivated his migration away from MT and I agree heartily with most of it. He's spot on about the "good enough" factor of Movable Type and the fact that a good many of us were well aware of the licensing dilemma that accompanied its use. I, along with a huge number of other people, paid what I felt MT was worth to me which exceeded the $20 figure required to get that pointless update key which has since been rm'ed from my server. I didn't think that it would end up being a credit against what for most people weblogging is too much money to ask for what amounts to a per seat license. Mark being the apostle of the harsh slap of reality that we know and love donated the money he would've spent ($535 after discounts) on MT licenses to WordPress which I think is about the best way to make a point.

The author of this kick ass tutorial for migrating MT installations to WordPress linked it up in a comment to my initial announcement to change management systems. That sort of invaluable help is exactly what attracted me to Movable Type in the first place. People are excitedly talking about new weblogging systems all over the place and realizing that good enough isn't everything they need. I have no illusions that Six Apart is doomed or even deserve the sort of doom widely trolled about in places I won't mention but it is really good to see people reassessing their options and deciding what they're going to do about this licensing train wreck way ahead of its implementation.

This is officially my last post about switching, OK?

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