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Another Lazy Saturday Of Randomness

Another thing that I've been posting at various peoples weblogs re: the exodus from Movable Type:

If you're considering a switch in weblogging software, please do yourself a favor and check out Open Source CMS which concentrates on PHP and MySQL oriented stuff and will let you test drive most of them with live setups equipped with administrative accounts. It's one of the better ways to figure out whether something is right for you rather than listening to one of us pushing our preferences on you as some kind of educated opinion.

It seems like a lot of people outside of the developer community (whatever that means) don't know about meta-aggregation outside of Bloglines and the like. The idea behind Planets is to aggregate related sites into something readable for those who don't spend huge amounts of time in aggregators. They work out very well for developer communities but I imagine that the more generalized weblogging communities could probably use that kind of aggregation power creatively as well. There's a whole list of existing Planets at the main site and they're all project oriented. The Planet software itself is availabe under the same license as Python.

Um, I guess that litigation model isn't working out so swell. This is, of course, no surprise but that doesn't mean we can't snicker at them while they grope around blindly looking for someone with even less direction to sue.

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