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Why Your Comments Are Disappearing Like Dying Moths Into /dev/null

Ah, I love the comment moderation that's built in to WordPress. Why? Because the backlash has begun and I'm getting trolled at an incredible rate by self-appointed winged monkeys for switching systems even though I explained why I did it essentially to listen to myself talk.

Yeah, switching systems and pretty much just blowing out all of the old stuff was a 1am on the last day of finals sort of thing to do but I don't regret it. At the same time I don't begrudge Six Apart their right to fuck up their licensing in whatever way they'd like but I don't have to participate in it either nor do I have to wait with baited breath for them to strip the cut and paste single CPU restriction from their license. I looked at the license, didn't agree with it, and uninstalled. I probably donated the same amount of money to Movable Type over the past few years as I did the Free Software Foundation and that money did nothing but remove people like me from the equation. When I willingly give my money to software projects I do it because I want them to succeed on terms that I can live with. It's what all of you marketing types might call voting with dollars. I made my decision and I've been trying to just get on with things. That's how most grown ups do it, right? The flood of comments that will never see the light of day are not only silly but embarrassing. When you fail to differentiate between Six Apart and the cute couple that used to be the entire company and act like I'm victimizing the Trotts by refusing to buy into the plan I feel obscurely embarrassed for you especially when the other half of your argument is all about what you learned in Intro to Small Business class.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. The comment moderation stays on and you can go read two dozen A-list posts about how per seat licensing owns or whatever and just forget you ever came here. That's it, really.

Yes I'm an asshole but I've emailed everyone that lost their shit in comments here that left a valid email address ([email protected] will not be hearing from me) because I certainly will talk about your problems with me as a person in email but not here in a public forum where other people have to read about it. Hopefully this will start some constructive conversations but I'm a bit of a pessimist about that.

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  1. I truly support your decision to switch. I also switched to WordPress myself. Where the hell did they get the idea to charge based on the number of blogs you have or the number of authors. It is like number of buddies I have in my IM, or the number of documents I am creating with Word.

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