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Third Time Is Less Charming

I've been reading a little of the unfolding JBoss tragicomedy and, despite the fact that it is incredibly annoying, it just seems like the next logical extension of the comment spamming that plagues most weblogging software. IP addresses aren't the best way to deal with this sort of crap flooding but it is much easier to employ when you're dealing with real live people instead of scripts. Better yet is the ease in tying real names to fake identities and making sure that the spambots are fed real information.

I imagine that for legitimate companies (ie. ones that append corporate TLAs to their names and have actual bank accounts) this sort of crap flooding is pretty easy to pull off. Hell, JBoss even has a weblog of sorts which is notable mainly for it's incredible overuse of the new "Professional Open Source" slogan. This new revelation can't help the "campaign" much now can it?

Probably should've included this damning and more detailed account as the primary link instead of the Slashdot mediocrity...

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