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I was thinking about messing around with PearPC and didn't partially because I didn't have the time and partially because I knew that at least a few webloggers that I read regularly would give it a whirl. Phillip Pearson was the first on my list and it didn't look like the install stuck. It sounds like exactly the sort of experimenting that I absolutely hate -- the kind where everything seems to be working perfectly if slowly and you go to bed. The next morning you're greeted with an xterm full of error messages and give the whole wretched thing up. Looking around a little further, it seems many had the same sort of trouble that Phillip had which seems pretty randomly distributed. Kevin Rose managed to get it working and Paul Donovan did it a quicker way by making a bootable OS X cd instead of installing the whole thing onto a virtual drive.

There's also a configuration file generator for PearPC that some kind soul hacked up to try to ease the installation nightmare and also labeled the options you might not want to mess with as "Evil." The Slashdot mentioned successful install is, of course, Slashdotted. Typical.

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