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Fifteen Minutes And The Feeling That You’ve Done Something

One of the best side effects of the MT licensing change is that it really got people to consider what they were using to run their sites and, along with that, that there were other options some of them actually easier and more featureful. I visited Python Owns Us for the first time in many moons and discovered that he's also switched management systems albeit from homebrewed to a BSD licensed system coded in (what else) Python.

Because I have absolutely no ability to sanely manage my time I grabbed a copy of Newsbruiser and installed it on a local machine and, my god, it is simple to use.You can also precompile the sources to boost performance. In the readme file it says that it makes a big difference but I didn't notice a whole lot of performance increase. This is nothing to get all pouty about because Newsbruiser is pretty quick even on this pathetically underpowered machine. I set up a very basic weblog in fifteen minutes. Pretty good for a start from scratch.

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