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Sometimes I Need To Shut The Hell Up

A couple of minutes ago I did something that I do not frequently do and deleted a post outright. I reread something I wrote while I was at work without the mental space or uninterrupted time to write coherently and released that something I'd posted earlier wasn't very clear and could be misinterpreted. I guess I need to let things settle in the draft bin a little longer. I'm not apologizing because I don't think I meant anything harmful but I will withdraw. I'm getting married in a couple of days and the stunned haggardness is beginning to catch up with me in not so subtle ways. Flamed or no, I probably need to step back a little.

It took me a minute to realize that there is indeed an anonymous login for the Enlightenment Bug Tracker (there's a text link for the anonymous one) but I have to say that Mantis seems a whole lot more responsive than Bugzilla.

By the way, it looks like the crap flooders have finally figured out what the WordPress comment script is called. I really do like the comment moderation feature much more than I initially thought I would. It's funny how tinkering in the innards of an unfamiliar piece of software will make you realize that the little features like that are really much more useful than the release features that most folks are clamoring for.

5 hours sleep over a week or two... Maybe making another pot of coffee isn't the answer.

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